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  • Pair of Baby Cylinder pots – Red/White & B/W


  • Ring – Starflower design – Rose Pink


  • Pendant – Flower design – Turquoise


  • Earrings – Cacti pot design – Turquoise


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    Call me a hopeless romantic, but…

    I do my work to be present and alive, to linger for as long as I can in the ‘timeless moment’.
    I'm not here to reproduce this minute’s uber-trending hype, I couldn’t keep up with that machine if I tried!

    My hope is that my work endures beyond the seasons, the cycles and the throw-away trends of our everyday lives.

    My mission is to capture a little of the charm & magic of the natural world,
    because I believe she is so worth representing.

    In my work, offbeat blooms and untamed botanics are intertwined.
    Curious birds, beasts & insects are here too…sometimes you have to search for them.

    I make, by hand, ceramic keepsakes to wear, to enjoy, to collect, to live with.
    And if ceramics is not your thing, I also create 2D artworks in acrylics & inks on canvas and paper.



    On blogs and staying true to yourself.

    On blogs and staying true to yourself.

    May 22, 2016

    Well folks, here it is – my new website, with a BLOG page.  What to write, what to write?  From what I’ve been reading, there are specific formulas for writing a ‘proper’ blog.  It’s all about keywords, calls-to-action, spaces between paragraphs, a smattering of bold type and italics, plus a bit of bullet pointing, to make it … Read More